Icicle Jam Zero is now over.

Icicle Jam Zero was a small scale focus group/game jam that ran between November 19th to December 4th 2016 with the goal of trialing and generating feedback for the Icicle engine's work-in-progress editor tools.


Some Icicle Jam Zero participants chose to release the games the worked on, while others preferred to keep their work private or continue working on them before releasing. Below is a collection of published games and demos, which will be updated as further projects become available.


During the jam, the following locations were provided as spaces for participants to hang out and discuss their experiences/get help. While not currently very active, these channels will remain available for future jams and for out-of-jam discussion of the Icicle engine.


If you have any questions not answered below, please email them to contact@icicle-engine.org.